LITERAL is defined as…

1. adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression

2. free from exaggeration or embellishment the literal truth

3. characterized by a concern mainly with facts

At Literally Coached by Kerri, I like to “tell it like it is” to my clients. I believe that being truly open and honest with my clients is the only way to help them achieve their goals and dreams. My no nonsense coaching is combined with caring and compassion for my clients and their challenges.

So, what are some of the things can you achieve with Kerri’s coaching help?

Kerri is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in career coaching for women. My passion and my heart’s mission is to help women find the career of their dreams. You know the saying, “if you can get paid to do the things you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well, that’s what I believe when it comes to our careers.

  • Do you feel stuck in your current job?
  • Dread to roll out of bed in the morning?
  • Hit snooze 5-bazillion times before reluctantly sitting up and getting on with your day?
  • Ever hurl your alarm clock across the room?
  • Do you wish you could work from home?
  • Lessen your total hours of work per week?
  • Take your work on the road as you travel for fun?
  • Have you been craving a change in your work field?
  • Want to change fields? Make a lateral move? Get a promotion?
These are just some of the things we can address during your coaching sessions.


What in the world is a life coach?
Simply put, a life coach is a paid professional that you work with to help you achieve a particular life goal. A life coach, like Kerri, will work with you to address your issues, devise a plan of action, and assist you in your future journey. A good life coach will help you stay on track and become more productive. A great life coach will give you the tools you need and the support you crave. They won’t do the work for you, but they’ll be there to cheer you on and provide resources along the way.


How does coaching work?
Here at Literally Coached, Kerri will guide you through a series of phone conversations to get started. This series of short calls come as a Starter Package that will provide Kerri with the intake information she needs to create a plan of action for your coaching sessions. After the Starter Package is complete, you’ll decide together on the length of your coaching package and move forward from there. Throughout the weeks you work together, you’ll work to define, set, and achieve your goals together. The coaching sessions are typically held via phone calls, but the client can also choose to do video calls if they prefer. Additional email sessions are included in all packages for added support as well.


How do I find out more information? And, when can I get started?

The best way to find out more information is to schedule a free Discovery Call with Kerri. You can access her calendar here. If you’d rather email Kerri for support, feel free to send us a message at Why wait another day? Let’s not put off our dreams any longer. Schedule your free consultation today and move forward with our Starter Package. Today is the day!