Get Busy

Out of Focus? Surviving Interruptions in Your World


Do you have trouble finishing what you start? Are you always moving on to the next big thing? Do things (or people) constantly vie for your attention? Are you constantly feeling behind? These things are very common and often the result of interruptions and distractions in your world. I think the mistake that we make […] Read more…

Can You Really Make Money Working from Home (without selling stuff)? 3 Simply Amazing Jobs You Can Do from Home


When you think of working from home, many people assume that this means direct marketing, or multi-level marketing, or just plain “selling stuff” to other people who don’t necessarily want it. Sound familiars? Everything from essential oils, to skin care, to make-up, to kitchen utensils and storage containers, to home décor, to even lingerie (yes, […] Read more…

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